The Start

While attending a conference in Atlanta, GA in late 2009, Hal and Jen Griffin, the founders of Remnant, heard the story of one family’s adoption during a highlight of Bethany Christian Services, a leading family organization. Having already been on a journey to start their own family since 2006, they left knowing without question that adoption would somehow be a part of their story too, but just weren’t sure when.

The seed that was planted that day would only continue to grow the more they learned about the beauty of adoption, how great the need is, and the incredible work that Bethany does for children and families all over the world. A partnership with Bethany was begun in September of 2011 when it became clear the time to pursue adoption had come.

Throughout that initial year long road of applications, questionnaires, classes, book readings, interviews, out of town meetings, and all of the waiting in between, one thing remained the same -- a deep desire to be a family to a child who may otherwise not know one.

Hal and Jen have now been through the adoption process 3 times and have been able to share the stories of their personal journey to help encourage others who may be thinking about adopting. 

In July of 2013, they adopted their first daughter Ruthie Mavis, and their second daughter Imogene Rose in May of 2016.  Most recently they became a family of 5 by adopting their first son, Pace Wilder in March of 2018, and would say that adoption has been by far the best thing they've ever been a part of.


Why KIN?

KIN is family. And family means a whole lot to us.

There are many who grow up not knowing the love of a family, and that breaks our heart. There are also many who live wanting nothing more than to be that family to a child in need despite the obstacles.

Adoption is expensive, and it can be difficult to afford it. In 2013 we introduced our KIN Campaign and offered Leather Wrap Bracelets as a way to raise funds for our own adoptions with the desire to one day help fund other families’ adoptions as well.

So when you purchase one of our KIN Leather Wrap Bracelets, know that you are helping make our adoptions possible. And since we realize that this cause is bigger than us, when our adoptions are paid in full, we’re committed to helping others do the same by continuing to partner with Bethany and help fund other adoptions.

When you invest in others, you become family.  You become kin.


Who Is Bethany?

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. Bethany is recognized as a prominent leader in social services worldwide, and are the largest adoption agency in the U.S. Founded in 1944, their mission calls us to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families around the world. 

Bethany is about kids in families. They serve children of all ages and strive toward a world where every child has a loving family. Their services include family support and preservation, adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, training, refugee services, sponsorship, and infertility ministry. 

For more about Bethany and other ways you can support the work they do visit